UGC NET Economics

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1. Concept of Demand, Elasticity of Demand

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2.Theory of Consumer behaviour

3.Theory of Consumer Behaviour

4.Supply, Elasticity of Supply, Law of Variable Proportion

5.Theory of Production

6.Cost Theory, Market Structure

7.Market Structure

8.Market Structure

9.Market Structure

10.Market Structure

11.Theory of Factor Pricing

12.Theories of Distribution

13.General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics

14.Miscellaneous Topics

15.Game Theory


16.National Income

17.National Income, Output and Employment

18.Theory of Output and Employment

19.Consumption Hypothesis

20.Investment theories and Multiplier

21.Demand for Money Theories

22.Quantity Theory of Money, IS-LM

23.IS-LM, Inflation

24.Phillips Curve, Trade Cycles

25.Trade Cycles, Miscellaneous Topics

26.Macro-economics Doubt Session


27.Measures of Central Tendency

28.Measures of Dispersion

29.Correlation, Regression and Index Numbers

30.Statistical Inference

31.Statistical Inference, Probability Distribution, Miscellaneous Topics

32.Doubt Session


33.Regression and OLS

34.Multicollinearity and Heteroscedasticity



37.Simultaneous Equation Models, Identification Models and Time Series Model

38.Time Series Models, Miscellaneous Topics

Public Finance


40.Principles of Maximum Social Advantage, Public Budgets

41.Public Budgets

42.Public Expenditure, Public Revenue

43.Public Revenue, Public Debt and Miscellaneous Topics

Development Economics

44.Growth & Development

45.Theories of Development

46.Models of Growth and Structural Transformation Model

47.Structural Transformation Models

48.Structural Transformation Model, Solow Model, Kaldor Model

49.Miscellaneous Topics

Money and Banking

50.Money and Banking

51.Money and Banking

Environmental Economics and Demography

52. Environmental Economics and Demography

International Economics

53.Theories of Trade

54.Theories of Trade, terms of trade, foreign exchange market

55.International Trade Institutions

56.International Trade Institutions

57.Balance of Payments

58.Mundell-Fleming Model, Offer Curves

Mathematical Economics

59.Sets, Relations, Functions, Sequences

60.Sequences, Series, Matrices

61.Matrices, Vector Spaces, LPP

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