Dr. Manleen Kaur (The Founder)

Hi, I am Manleen!

It all started in 2014...while preparing for UGC NET Economics in the library, I found compiling the necessary notes and materials to be a struggle rather than the subject itself. Nonetheless, I remained determined to succeed. Through my efforts, I was able to achieve the top rank in the country and secure a JRF. It was then that I realized that students need a single, comprehensive resource for their exam preparations, and this realization gave birth to Economics Harbour.

Economics Harbour was my father’s dream for me. With his unwavering support and guidance, we have helped thousands of students throughout India. Although he is no longer with me, I believe he is watching over and guiding me from above.”

This is a tribute to my wonderful, loving and always smiling father, S. Inder Mohan Singh

About Us

We Are Best At:

It’s a little bit of self-praise here, but we know we are the best.

NTA UGC NET Economics Study Package

NTA UGC NET Economics is now a compulsory examination to be given for enrolling into a PhD programme in India or even applying for a lectureship position in top Universities/Institutes/Colleges. What we do here is: We provide you with the study material, audio notes, online mock test series and of course all time guidance from our side. It’s our fourth year of operating and we have students from all over the country.


We conduct special workshops for students who are enthusiastic about learning economics. Our workshops are interactive and involve some really serious brain storming sessions. We discuss about various economic thoughts and try to relate that with the present day scenario. Our upcoming projects involve discussing about the classical works by Adam Smith, J.M. Keynes, Karl Marx, J.S. Mill and the list is endless. In short, it will be a book club-cum-discussion session and we will make sure you enjoy each session.

Crash Course

Students preparing for the NTA UGC NET Economics Examination, can always approach us for a two month crash course session. We believe in giving each one of our students special focus and thus take small batches of minimum 5 and maximum 10 students per batch. So if you have your own comfort group, you can ask us to create a special batch for you. After all, group study with a strict teacher is the best way, right?

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