Our services are enlisted below: –

  • A virtual classroom will exist, where the teacher will interact with the students.
  • Notes will be provided regarding the topic to be taught beforehand, so that the students have a basic idea about it.
  • The syllabus would be taught in the most efficient manner, also making it an interactive learning session.
  • Students can freely put up their questions if they are having a problem understanding any concept.
  • Regular tests will be taken at the end of each topic, strengthening their concepts.
  • Online chat sessions will take place daily at certain time periods, so that if any student has any doubt, he/she can clarify it there.
  • Specific problem solving will be undertaken. If any student wants to understand any topic of his/her choice, he/she will be provided with the content including a video of that topic.
  • If any student has an assignment which is due, we can help them out, by providing them with the solutions. If they find any discrepancy, we can always incorporate the desired changes.

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