Post Graduation

We are resilient enough to cope up with the demands of students pursuing Economics in any Master’s Program. Thus, we have quality material to offer all the classes in the Master’s program as per the curriculum. The various subjects range from Managerial Economics ( and Honours), to Business Economics (MBA), and the specialized subjects in the MBE program are also included.
For all the members outside India, you may have to mail us your syllabus. We would modify our study materials and class timings according to that.
If you believe that the schedule is rigid; you may mail us your feedback and also the requirements. We may change the schedule as per your convenience.
For Indian students, the mode of fee payment would be through direct transfer in the bank account (the account number would be given when you wish to continue with the course). On receiving the payment, you will be mailed a receipt.
For international students, we have a PayPal account, through which you can directly transfer the membership fee. The pricing is $7 per chapter

  • Per chap ₹250
    Full syllabus ₹9500
  • Notes
  • Explanatory videos
  • Tests for each chapter
  • Online chat (on the chat box)
  • Video conference with the tutor as per the requirements of the students

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