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UGC NET Economics Mock Test

UGC NET Economics Mock Test by Economics Harbour


  • The test will be for 2 hours and has 100 questions, all of which are compulsory.
  • Please note, you will be allowed to attempt this test ONCE.
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1. Which of the following minerals is exported from India?
2. What can be said about the relationship between the degree of urbanisation and per capita income?
3. Which of the following is NOT a correct finding of the various studies on black money in India?
4. Rangarajan admits that in India the price effect of money supply is
5. Technical progress is capital-using if, along a line on which the K/L ratio is constant, the MRS(LK)
6. The amount of labour supply at a point of time depends on
7. The problem of cyclical unemployment in developed economies originates from
8. Supply curve of labour slopes
9. Which one of the following is NOT true about the factors determining the price elasticity?
10. The Net Terms of Trade improves if
11. Natural resources of a country influence
12. What is the impact on price and quantity in a particular market if there is an increase in consumers’ income?
13. Which of the following is NOT a demand-pull factor of inflation?
14. The profits of the entrepreneur will be maximum when he is employing such a number of units of a factor that its marginal revenue product equals its
15. In which of the following regions has the production of iron ore begun only in recent years?
16. When rent arises due to difference in productivity of different units of a factor, it is called
17. The theory of _____ surplus treats the origin of profit to the entrepreneurial abilities.
18. Which of the following is true at equilibrium in monopolistic competition?
19. Sacrifice, discomfort, toil and pain involved in supplying the factors of production by their owners is called
20. The second highest densely populated state of the country is
21. Which one of the following is true about the relation between normal price and market price?
22. Birth rates are higher in states which have
23. The supply curve of the firm may be derived by the points of intersections of its
24. The minimum possible price which just covers the marginal cost of the product paid by the consumer is called
25. If there are constant returns to scale, there would always be
26. Which type of countries have the highest degree of overall equality in the distribution of income?
27. Non-traditional export items like engineering goods are of
28. In which phase of population growth of India, did the compound annual growth rate nearly double the growth rate of the previous year?
29. ______ will prevail when workers are not organised into trade unions.
30. Constituents of gross profit are
31. With increase in average cost, marginal cost rises at a
32. By which of the following factors during the First Plan Period was the balance of payments affected?
33. When was the National Water Policy adopted?
34. When the quantity of only one input is increased, other inputs held fixed, the change in physical output is called
35. Which of the following is an economic factor affecting cropping patterns?
36. Perfectly elastic demand curve is
37. When did the Committee of Experts on Unemployment under the chairmanship of B. Bhagwati, submit its report to the Government?
38. Occupational structure in a country depends on
39. Which of the following is an implication of the imposition of ceiling below the equilibrium price?
40. The minimum price at which the sellers refuse to supply the good at all and store it with themselves is known as
41. Work effort increases with the rise in the wage rate when the
42. The state with the highest sex ratio is
43. Which of the following conditions show optimality in long run equilibrium?
44. Addition to the total physical output by application of an additional unit of a variable factor of production is called
45. The equilibrium of the monopolist will never be at the level of output at which the elasticity of the demand curve or the average revenue curve is
46. What determines the type and scale of industry that can be developed in a country?
47. When was the Central Soil Conservation Board set up by the Union Government?
48. A firm which will be the first to leave the industry if price falls is called
49. Which method was followed by the Direct Tax Enquiry Committee for estimating black incomes?
50. If marginal cost is less than marginal revenue, it pays the firm to
51. Which of the following is a cause for inflationary pressure in the 90s?
52. Shut down point for a firm is a situation where its
53. Extraction of coal in India is not always profitable because
54. Afforestation of catchment areas of rivers is essential for
55. If MRS between two goods X and Y is equal for all consumers, then this is the marginal condition for a Pareto optimal
56. During which decade did the country see the sharpest decline of 11 points in the sex ratio?
57. When did the Government launch a new agricultural strategy in the form of Intensive Agriculture District Programme?
58. When a firm experiences external economies, its cost curves
59. Which of the following is true at the long run equilibrium of a perfectly competitive firm?
60. The expenditure on advertising, sales promotion, public relations, etc. is called
61. Who estimated the number of persons below the poverty line on the basis of an average calorie intake of 2,250 per capita per day?
62. Which of the following is NOT a true feature of the work force of India?
63. What type of rate is the Current Daily Status Unemployment rate?
64. What is the reason behind declining importance of natural resources with respect to economic development?
65. India’s exports were almost stagnant during the first 15 years of planning because of
66. Ricardo regards rent as
67. Actual earning minus transfer earning is equal to
68. Price elasticity at the mid point of a linear demand curve is
69. Kaldor estimated the size of black income as the difference between the estimated non-salary income above the exemption limit and the
70. Which term refers to a system of political and social relations between two countries, of which one is the ruler and the other is the ruled?
71. Over a period of time, the effect of increase in the money supply percolates into different sectors of the economy, resulting in the rise of demand and the price level, which is known as
72. Which of the following is true about a monopolist at equilibrium output level?
73. The price of goods in rival supply tend to move in ______ direction.
74. Which state has the lowest density of population?
75. In long run competitive equilibrium under differential cost conditions, the intra-marginal firm earns
76. In developed countries, which form does unemployment generally assume?
77. Which of the following is a consequence of inflationary price rise?
78. In which type of unemployment, the marginal productivity of labour is zero, so that the removal of excess labour would not reduce total output?
79. The classification of income according to factoral service rendered by different factors of production, is called
80. Which of the following is NOT true about the Forest Policy of India?
81. Labour-deepening technical progress increases Marginal Product of Labour
82. On the eve of planning, the rise in imports in India was largely due to
83. Effect of an increase in the fixed cost on the output and price of a firm in the short run under perfect competition is that
84. The point where the LMC curve intersects LAC curve, there the slope of the LAC curve is
85. ______ refers to the case of a product which is demanded for two or more purposes.
86. The locus of points defined by different levels of output of a firm A and his rival B, which yield to A the same level of profit, is called
87. All the goods and services which a worker gets directly or indirectly for services rendered by him are called
88. After independence when did the imports of foodgrains decline for the first time?
89. If we want to find price-elasticity at a point on a non-linear demand curve, we have to
90. The cause of degradation of irrigated lands is
91. A situation in which it is impossible to make any one better-off without making someone worse-off is said to be
92. Parallel economy is referred to as
93. Which type of unemployment is associated with the inadequacy of productive capacity to create enough jobs for all those able and willing to work?
94. In the long run, under perfect competition price of the factor is equal to
95. A comparison of the levels of living of the top 5-10 percentage with the bottom 5-10 percentage of the population reflects
96. Which concept provides the most appropriate measure of unemployment?
97. Monopoly equilibrium can be reached when
98. Which one of the following is NOT an exception to the Law of Demand?
99. Which objective was stressed by both National Forest Policy Resolutions of 1952 and 1988?
100. If the slope of Average Cost Curve is positive then