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UGC NET Economics Mock Test 2

UGC NET Economics Mock Test by Economics Harbour


  • The test will be for 2 hours and has 100 questions, all of which are compulsory.
  • Please note, you will be allowed to attempt this test ONCE.
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1. The demand effect of economic development refers to the
2. Range, which is the simplest measure of dispersion, is used a great deal in
3. “Warranted growth” of Harrod-Domar guarantees
4. According to Keynes, the aggregate demand is made up of
5. “Reflation” refers to
6. Median and mode both are called
7. In international trade perfect equality of prices can hardly be achieved because of
8. Income effect and substitution effect can be traced from
9. According to John W. Mellor, the new technology reduces the cost of food production and thereby lowers down the food prices and increases demand for labour and thus the effects of new technology are
10. Dualistic development thesis focuses on coexistence which is
11. The Asian Development Bank was established in December 1946 and started its functions on January 1
12. If the physical volume of exports increases more than in proportion to the fall in the export prices, the income terms of trade improves even when
13. The sum obtained after discounting the expected future yields over the entire life of a machine at the market rate of interest is known as its
14. Supernormal profit refers to
15. Labour-deepening technical progress increases the MP(L)
16. Development of indigenous technologies appropriate to a country’s resource endowment is a policy that is
17. When the given values of X form a geometric progression and X values form an arithmetic progression, the relationship between the variables is given by a/an
18. A budget surplus will lead to
19. As employment expands, producers expect correspondingly ____ amounts of proceeds.
20. Stagflation is a state of the economy in which economic activity is
21. Net indirect taxes is calculated by
22. Ricardo showed that as long as the price ratios differ between countries, in the absence of trade, every country will have ______ advantage.
23. Those cash payments which firms make to outsiders for their services and goods are called
24. “Flight from money” refers to
25. The concept of economic planning in a narrow sense implies
26. In India, fiscal imbalance has been caused mainly by imprudent increase in
27. The sign of the cross elasticity of demand is____ if both the goods are complementary.
28. Deficits on current account in the balance of payments refers to
29. Real income effect leads to
30. Each isoquant represents
31. Which of the following is correct?
32. The alternative formulation of the comparative cost doctrine developed by Hecksher and Ohlin explains
33. The problem of cyclical unemployment in developed economies originates from
34. The objectives of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development are
35. Which is the primary source of energy in India?
36. Something which is freely used and generally accepted as a medium of exchange and as a unit of account is called
37. What type of rate is the Current Daily Status Unemployment rate?
38. The vertical distance between average total cost curve and average variable cost curve goes on _____ as output level increases.
39. If the slope of Average Cost Curve is positive then
40. If an economy is interested in raising the rate of growth of income in the short period it should
41. An export duty hurts exporting producers more than it helps consumers or gives revenue to the government, leaving a net cost to the nation, if the nation faces a ____ world price for its exports.
42. General equilibrium theory does not help in
43. Full employment implies
44. Behaviouristic theory is based on
45. Price elasticities at a price on two straight line demand curves originating from the same point on the ____ are equal.
46. What is considered as relatively stable in the Keynesian theory of employment?
47. The real terms of trade may rise as a result of a change in the
48. The concept of primary deficit, calculated by subtracting the total interest payments from the fiscal deficit, was introduced for the first time in the
49. The new development strategy assumes
50. The States have been requested to take the following measure to empower the Gram Sabha
51. The classical economists assumed a
52. The single factoral terms of trade is the net barter terms of trade adjusted for changes in the efficiency of a country’s factor in the
53. Increasing marginal product, when one input alone increases, could be due to
54. Primary product export dependence has an unstable effect on the economy because of
55. The proportion of a country’s national income that is devoted to consumption is called
56. The level of utilisation of the plant which firms consider as “normal” is called
57. Which of the following would not be termed “Near Money”?
58. The ____ elasticity is a measure of average elasticity.
59. Increasing opportunity cost leads to
60. Relationship between Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic Mean is
61. The total area at various points on the average fixed cost curve shows
62. In the third stage of demographic transition
63. If organised sector employment is largely urban employment, then the relatively high rate of growth of urban employment is due to
64. The aggregate supply response of agriculture in India is
65. The value of marginal revenue at unit elasticity is
66. A fall in interest will produce the best effect on investment if investment demand schedule is
67. The study of price determination of the price of a single product on the assumption that the other prices are constant or given is a case of
68. Quite often when production is expanded, ____ units of ____ factors of production are used.
69. Suppose a given family had an income of Rs. 10,000 and saved Rs. 500. What would be its average propensity to consume?
70. What is the relationship between mean, median and mode?
71. When output increases as a result of expansion in employment, aggregate demand increases at a
72. Production possibility curve assumes constancy of the following:
73. The International Monetary Organisation was established on December 27, 1945 in
74. Investment function is given by (I = Investment, i= interest rate, F and G = coefficients)
75. Which of the following is emphasised upon in the income theory of value of money?
76. The classical economists assumed _____ in the rate of exchange.
77. Secondary deposits refers to
78. The concept of net barter terms of trade ignores the impact of
79. Rootless growth causes
80. Expansion in demand is concerned with
81. The higher the economy’s capital-output ratio the _____ will be rate of GNP growth.
82. Since most of the households save a part of their income, the average propensity to consume is
83. The increasing part of the SAVC curve reflects
84. Who estimated the number of persons below the poverty line on the basis of an average calorie intake of 2250 per capita per day?
85. Deficit financing is a technique
86. Who defined full employment as “that level of employment at which any further increase in spending would result in an inflationary spiral of wages and prices”?
87. A bank with a large proportion of demand deposits may have to
88. Which of the following can be defined as the percentage by which the entire set of a nation’s trade barriers raises the industry’s value added per unit of output?
89. An economic coalition among countries within a geographic region, usually characterised by liberalised internal trade and uniform restrictions on external trade, designed to promote regional economic integration and growth is called
90. Which of the following is NOT the assumption of Say’s Law of Markets?
91. International Development Association was established on 24 September
92. At an income level higher than the critical level, income raising forces are _____ than/as income depressing forces.
93. Law of growth or the exponential law is most useful in economics in case of
94. Price elasticity at the mid-point of a linear demand curve is
95. The Small Industries Development Organisation was set up in
96. When aggregate supply price exceeds aggregate demand price, employment level shows a tendency to
97. Which of the following is an inversely U-Shaped curve?
98. According to A.P. Rao, Krishna Bhardwaj and Usha Rani, farm size does
99. The net barter terms of trade, also called the commodity terms of trade measures
100. ‘Subsistence fund’ refers to which of the following instances?