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UGC NET Economics Online Course

New course to begin from March 22, 2021

Course Inclusions:

  1. Online Zoom Classes (Because we believe in two-way communication) – 3 months
  2. Every class will be recorded for future reference.
  3. Latest Edition of our study material
  4. Online Mock Test Series

Your Tutor’s Qualification:

  1. PhD in Economics
  2. UGC NET Economics All-India Topper

Maximum Students in a batch = 10

Course fees: Rupees 12,500/- for the entire course.

For more details, email us at or Call/Message/WhatsApp us at +91-7837587648

UGC NET Economics Preparation

The next UGC NET Economics Exam is just around the corner. With less than 2 months left, it’s time you should start preparing for the exam and who better than Economics Harbour to provide you with the best guidance for it.

We offer:

  1. UGC NET Economics Study Material (7th Edition)
  2. Full course recorded lectures
  3. Online Mock Test Series
  4. Online Classes

Apart from that, we provide packages to the students as per their needs.

Package 1: Study Material + Online Mock Test Series

Package 2: Study Material + Full course recorded lectures + Online Mock Test Series

Why Choose Us?

Your tutor is a PhD in Economics and UGC NET Economics All-India Top Scorer. So learn from the best.

For more details, email us at or Call/Message/WhatsApp us at +91-7837587648.

UGC NET Economics Mock – January 2021

Following is the link for UGC NET Economics Mock Exam conducted by Economics Harbour. Attempt the exam and avail incentives on the following services offered by us.

  1. UGC NET Economics Study Material
  2. UGC NET Economics Online Course
  3. UGC NET Economics Recorded Lectures
  4. UGC NET Economics Online Mock Test Series
  5. UGC NET Economics Doubt Sessions

UGC NET Economics Mock (January 2021) | Economics Harbour | Economics Study Material

All the Best everyone 🙂

How to solve Nash Equilibrium?

Contact Economics Harbour for tutoring related to:

UGC NET Economics Exam,

Graduation and Post-Graduation Economics

Class XI, XII Economics

How to clear UGC NET Economics Exam?

For more details regarding our services, feel free to Call/Message/WhatsApp us at +91-7837587648 or email us at

Why monopolist operates at a point where price elasticity of demand is greater than 1?

You can now send in your query and we will make a short video to explain the concept. Simply WhatsApp us at +91-7837587648 or email us at

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UGC-NET Economics Online Course – December 2020 batch

Economics Harbour provides UGC NET Economics Aspirants an interactive learning experience to excel in the competitive examinations. Thus, we provide a 3-month course to cover the entire syllabus so that you are well-prepared. Details of the course are as follows:

  1. Date of Commencement: December 7, 2020
  2. Tenure: 3 months
  3. Online classes will be held using Zoom App
  4. Schedule: Classes will be conducted Monday to Friday (1.5 hours everyday)
  5. Recorded lectures will be provided for future reference
  6. Latest Study Material: You will get a printed copy delivered at your address.
  7. Online Mock Test Series: 10 tests (100 questions each to be answered in 2 hours). The tests will be conducted one-month prior the examination on our website.
  8. All time guidance

Fees: Rupees 4,000/- per month (Maximum to be paid for a period of 3 months)*

*Recorded lectures will be provided to the student since their joining of the course.

For more details, feel free to Call/Message/WhatsApp us at +91-7837587648 or email us at